Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lesson 01: How to Say Hello & Start a Conversation

Lesson 01: Saying Hello

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In this lesson you will learn how to say hello to someone. It's very good to greet him or her because it's a very polite thing to do. And you will also know how to greet them properly. You will know how to greet formally to your teacher or someone older than you, and to greet your friends informally. Have fun learning.

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  • Husband & Wife: when a man and woman marry, they become husband and wife.
  • Greet (v): say hello to someone
  • informal (adj): friendly
  • formal (adj): polite
  • how do you do? = hello
  • beard: the hair on a man's face.
  • right on the spot: at that time, immediately
  • encourage someone to do something: want and support someone to do something
  • community: where there are many people with something in common
  • give a thumbs-up: like
  • be appreciated: be thankful
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